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Last Updated: September 01, 2014



Maps are great for finding things that you already know there. If you want to know where a Target is in your area it's easy enough to pop over to Google Maps and search for Target. Unfortunately, maps are really bad (incapable, actually) of telling you what's provided in your area. strives to offer a comprehensive list of what services are available broken out by zip code. That way, if you want to know what you can get in your zip code you can simply go to that page and find out.


Ubiquitous WiFi: VoIP Apps for iOS Devices

Posted: 09/01/14 by Tim Bean

VoIP applications for iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods can help a business or individual consumer to cut costs while keeping in touch with customers, employees, friends or family members. The following are four VoIP applications that have a wealth of benefits for iOS users:

Whistle Phone

Whistle Phone is an interesting application that the creator specially designed for the iPad. Mac users can also download their own versions of Whistle Phone, and other iOS users have access, as well. Whistle Phone provides an alternative phone number for new users. The program also offers a plethora features such as call rerouting and third-party SIP service integration. The application is free, and many users are pleased with it because of the low expenses.


Talkatone is an advanced application that allows the user to combine it with Google Voice services. Persons who have used the service have stated that it runs nicely in the background and alerts Google Voice callers users they have new phone calls. They have also stated that its call quality is superior whether the user is using the program over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, Talkatone provides users with access to Google Chat and Bluetooth headset access. It costs nothing to download.


Viber is excellent for iPhone users who prefer voice calling to video calling. Viber does not issue the user a new phone number. Instead, it uses the person’s existing phone number as his or her communication method. Viber users do not have to create annoying buddy lists or separate user lists. The application works by using the person’s current contact list. Viber is a free application that has a wealth of features such as fun stickers, PC and Mac synchronizing, walkie-talkie mimicking, and more. Users find the application fun and interesting.


The iCall application is an application for small business owners. It provides free five-minute phone calls to people that sign up for the service. The iCall application could be an excellent money-saving application for small businesses that have to take orders or make quick reservations over the phone. A restaurant business or hotel business could make use of the app. Additionally, iCall does have a premium option for businesses that would like unrestricted time on their calls. The iCall application is free in the iTunes store.

VoIP applications can help a business or an individual to keep his or her expenses within the allotted budget.


Bundled Internet Deals

Posted: 08/18/14 by Tim Bean

Managing the monthly household expenses can be difficult, especially if a consumer needs several utilities and additives. Internet service is just one element that the modern household needs. Internet service providers try to make life easier by offering bundled deals. Bundled deals are deals that include several services along with a company’s reliable Internet service. Additional services usually include telephone service and television service. The following provides some information on bundled Internet deals.

The Benefits of Bundled Internet Deals

The savings are the most prevalent benefit of purchasing bundled Internet services. Buying ala carte services is always more expensive than buying bundled services is. For example, Internet service alone may cost $50 a month, and telephone service might cost $40 a month. A provider may bundle both of those services and add cable services for the same price that the two aforementioned ala carte services would cost. Taking a bundle is almost like receiving a free service.

Another benefit of purchasing a bundled deal is convenience. Customers only have to concern themselves with one monthly bill instead of three bills. Such an arrangement can alleviate stress for the person who has to keep track of all the payments.

The Disadvantages of Bundled Internet Deals

The only element that may seem negative to some consumers is the contract aspect of bundled services. Many providers ask their new customers to sign contracts for one to two years to receive their amazing discounts. However, alternative options are available. Therefore, a person who does not appreciate long-term commitments can still find a package that he or she can appreciate.

Bundled Internet Pricing

Internet bundles vary in pricing depending on the service provider, the number of channels that one might choose for cable services, and the type of service the company is offering. Companies may also have additional promotions. For example, one company is currently offering cable television service with 140 channels and 25 Mbps Internet service for $99 per month. The offer includes a $100 Visa prepaid card. Another company is offering telephone, Internet and television services for $79 a month. Extensive research and comparison tools can help a consumer to find the right package for his or budget and needs.

Competition between providers is so strong these days that a consumer can often obtain an amazing deal that places money back into his or her family account. Consumers who have just moved into new homes or offices can take advantage of a smashing bundled deal today.
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